Meet the Team

Samira Qayyum

Hustle & Flow

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Favorite place in Seattle: Gasworks Park (especially at night)

Favorite Workout Music: Depends, if I'm lifting weights I get down on old school rap like Outkast, Biggie Smalls, and Early Kanye West. If I am doing cardio I like dance music circa 2006 like Benny Benassi and Deadmau5. 

Fitness Philosophy: Move everyday- somedays more than others. Workout to empower other aspects of your life. 

What’s a class with Samira like?: If I am teaching yoga you can expect a cerebral experience- a dharma to give the practitioner something to focus on. If you do boot camp with me you can expect humor, fun, serious challenge and creative exercises and maybe me running suicides along side you to give you some competition ;) . Barre with me is more flow based and you can expect to get down coordination and feel a serious burn! 

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