Meet the Team

Neetu Punj


Hometown: Victoria, BC, Canada

Favorite Place in Seattle: So many beautiful places to choose from but my favorites are Green Lake, Alki Beach and Chateau Ste Michelle

Favorite Workout Music: My playlist is usually pretty eclectic but currently includes Robyn, Chromeo, and top 40 hits

Fitness Philosophy: Find a form of movement that you enjoy and be consistent.  Don't compare yourself to others, just do your best and be proud of yourself for putting in the work.

Why did Neetu open Aatma Fitness Studios? As a nutritionist, Neetu has always believed in health promotion.  With a background in healthcare, she believes the key is prevention which means both healthy eating and an active lifestyle. With a love for both dance and yoga, Neetu often had to seek out memberships at multiple studios.  Aatma Fitness Studios solved this problem and has allowed her to grow and explore new fitness classes.

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