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Jaclyn Mason


Hometown: Quincy, IL

Favorite Place in Seattle: Olympic Sculpture Park/Myrtle Edwards Park

Favorite Workout Music: Currently DJ Snake, Disclosure, Justin Beiber, Kendrick Lamar, Chainsmokers or any top 40 or hip hop

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is not merely about the work of the physical body, it is about the total integration and overall wellness of the whole self—body, mind and spirit.

What’s a class with Jaclyn like? In this high energy barre class, you will experience a full body workout through movements inspired by ballet, pilates and yoga. Much of this work will focus on micro movements accompanied by the barre as well as light free weights, gliders and a playground ball to work the muscles to fatigue. The goal of this class is to strengthen, tone, stretch and have fun doing it!

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