Our Classes

Studio Energy

  • Vinyasa - An active, athletic approach to yoga. Vinyasa synchronizes breath to flowing postures in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.
  • Hatha - The traditionalist approach to yoga. Hatha balances the energies of the mind and body through physical postures, controlled breathing, and meditation.
  • Pilates - Lenghten and strengthen your body with mat pilates. Pilates reinforces the development of core postural muscles for overall body balance and support.

Studio Build

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing - Originating in Thailand, a martial art that uses the entire body as a weapon. Muay Thai emphasizes close combat with the body operating as one unit to provide as an effective way to defend yourself.
  • Pro Box - A class for true boxers and non-boxers alike. Build effective technique, speed and agility with a class that uses real boxing equipment including heavy bags, speed bags, hand wraps and boxing gloves.

Studio Ride

  • Ride - Indoor cycling taken to a whole new level. Ride is designed to spike your heart rate and maximize your burn through a fun, interactive experience.

Studio Endurance

  • Barre - Release your inner ballet dancer. Barre gets you lean and sculpted so that you can stand taller and feel stronger.
  • Hip-Hop - A hard-hitting dance class that will have you dripping with both sweat and swag.  Choreography set to your favorite new and old school hip-hop tunes.  This class will get you ready for a dance off!
  • Zumba - The latin inspired dance craze that is so much fun you'll forget it's a workout!

Studio Lift

  • Strength & Conditioning - Train like an athlete.  Build your strength, power and speed in this class using barbells, kettle bells and explosive movements.
  • Tabata - Workout hard. Rest. Repeat. Tabata is a dynamic conditioning class that uses short bouts of high intensity exercises to increase performance and decrease body fat.
  • Total Body Bootcamp - Take your cardio health to new heights while toning and sculpting in this full body bootcamp class.
  • Hustle & Flow - Boot camp style conditioning to get your heart rate soaring immediately followed by 30 minutes of a slow, controlled Vinyasa to give you the zen you need to make it through the day.

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