Meet Your Coach Mondays - Ayumi

Tell us about your background in dance.

I have 6 years of Jazz-dance company/stage experience in Fukui, Kyoto, Japan.  My mother was a big influence on me becoming a theatrical dancer and dance fitness instructor since she had dreamt for me to join Takarazuka musical school in Kansai, Japan. We used to go see musical and stage-plays a lot together.

I also have more than 15 years of teaching experience both in Japan and here in the US.  I’ve taught Les Mills Bodyjam, Bodystep, High-low, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Zumba.

Most folks think of Zumba as based only on Latin beats, whereas yours is a little different.  Tell us more about that. 

I have many variations and always try to introduce different types of World Beats and dance formats. This allows the class to explore the joy of dance and music. When it comes to Zumba, I became certified not only with the basic official Zumba Zin program called Basic 1 Latin formats but also Basic 2 dance formats such as samba, belly dancing, flamenco, tango and more.

What sorts of other things do you enjoy doing besides dancing?

I love going to see Broadway musicals and stage-plays here in Seattle and also in Japan. I will fly to Japan up to 4 times a year just to see my favorite idol's stage-plays in Tokyo and Osaka. Otherwise I enjoy just spending ordinary time and life with my family and friends. 

By Vishal Punj

Vishal Punj is the owner of Aatma Fitness Studios, a full service boutique health and fitness club in the Center Of The Universe, Seattle.

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